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Welcome to Sunflower Art Therapy.   Whether you are young or old, nervous about creating art or a seasoned artist, I welcome you to join me in the art therapy process as a resource for healing, recovery, or finding your way.  I have been creating all my life and trust in the power that connecting to your creative self.   In my years as an art therapist I have helped people navigate many kinds of challenges. Through this I am continually humbled by the strength and wisdom of each person that is revealed and made tangible through the creative process.    

Contact me to learn more about the art therapy and counseling services I offer.

  • Art therapy for adults, children, or youth

  • Art therapy groups and workshops

  • Family education and collaboration in coping with mental illness

  • Clinical supervision for counselors and art therapists 

Cara Weeks Neuburger, ATR, LCPC

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"If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. "

Marc Chagall 

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